The apostrophe and it

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Copywriting

We promised you that from time to time we would give you some tips on improving copywriting, and so today we thought we would share one of our biggest bug bears…

The apostrophe and it

Despite some real howlers by big companies the rule is actually pretty straightforward.

It’s is short for it is or it has. The apostrophe is used in place of the missing letters.

For example: It’s time to go now.

It’s is never used for possessive.

We usually show possession with an apostrophe followed by the letter S, for example – the lady’s umbrella.

However, we don’t use the possessive apostrophe for many pronouns, including it.


 The sun has got it’s hat on = wrong

 The sun has got its hat on = correct

It is a very easy one to get wrong, and we are sure you will see it quite often.   ;-).

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