The pitfalls of buying data

As an ambitious business owner, we know you are serious about growing your business.

When thinking about the kind of marketing that may work for you, you might have been tempted to buy some data to use, but before you leap in we’d like to share some of the pitfalls:

  • Poor profile – if you haven’t identified exactly what kind of company, and person within that business, you want to contact it is just not going to work. Yup – it goes back to knowing your customer
  • Quality – yes, this is a biggie. We’ve lost count of the number of business owners we’ve met who have purchased data, only to find out that what they received is not what they believed they purchased. That could mean the number of names, the wrong job function etc
  • Dirty – what do we mean? The data needs to be regularly checked (known as cleaned) to make sure it is still accurate – this could be checking a business is still trading, a named individual still works for the company, or someone has not passed away
  • Opt-in – this means someone has ticked a box to agree that they are happy to be contacted. However, just because a data house tells you they have a database that is all opted in, does not mean everyone on that list wants to hear from you. And if the data has been sold repeatedly, just imagine how you would feel if you received dozens of emails from different companies you have never heard of, trying to sell you products and services. Added to this, if you are emailing individuals or certain types of company, using opted in data does not mean you can get around GDPR (that’s a minefield!)
  • Specific email addresses – when purchasing data based on a job title, for example, but then you scrutinise the email addresses and find they are generic ones such as info@, so the email isn’t even getting through to the individual you want to contact
  • Get what you pay for – you know that. If it sounds to good to be true, the chances are it is.
Once you’ve bought the data the challenges continue…

All of the leading email marketing providers, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, do not allow you to load purchased data, as the risk of being blacklisted for spamming is too high.

Of course, you are also writing to people who have never heard of you, and may well not be interested in hearing from you…

Next time, we will share some of the ways you can work with these challenges.

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