What is a case study?

We have to confess – case studies are one of our all time favourite marketing tools. They are a fantastic way of showcasing your work.

But before we get too carried away…

What is a case study?

This is you demonstrating how you have helped one of your customers using your products or services. It should identify the problem, how you helped and what result the client is now enjoying. It’s best if you round this off with a nice quote from the customer – naturally extolling your virtues and championing your business!

So, if you like, it is an extension of a testimonial

In fact, quite often the quote we get signed off by one of our client’s customers is used as a stand alone testimonial, as well as included in the case study. After all, why not make the most of those great words from a delighted customer?

When case studies are done well, they can be hugely powerful

A case study demonstrates what it would be like to work with you. It clarifies the impact you have solving genuine business challenges. And, it means any other business owner with a similar problem automatically empathises – a powerful emotion.

And don’t just get them written and then forget about them…

  • Put them on your website
  • Send them as a follow up to a sales call
  • Email them to sales prospects
  • Use part of the customer’s quote in your sales letters and email campaigns
  • Write a press release about it
  • Send out a newsletter including the story

Hey – you get the idea! And you get how passionate we are about them

This is a piece of work we do for nearly all our clients. In fact, it is very often the first piece of work we do, before we even start writing website content. After all, it’s a great way for us to understand what the client does from their customers’ perspective.

So, if you haven’t got any case studies you need to get writing.
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