What is a marketing campaign?

You may well have heard the term ‘marketing campaign’ banded about before, and wondered exactly what it is.

Here’s our take on it…

A campaign is a series of steps promoting a business, service or product. Typically, this is one message communicated through a variety of mediums.

For example, this might be the launch of a product – with an advertisement on TV, in print in magazines and newspapers, free samples in key retail outlets, shelf promotions in retailers, door drops (promotion to chosen households), direct mail, email and social media.

Clearly, this example is focused on a major brand, with a significant marketing spend – it requires huge investment, and is all but essential in the highly competitive world of fast moving consumer goods.

But, of course, most of us don’t have such substantial marketing budgets, so how can we translate that for our businesses?

We need to understand:

  • It takes a number of ‘touches’ (contact with potential customers) before they are ready to make a purchase
  • You need to choose more than one way of communicating with customers – to suit their preference (not yours)
  • A campaign needs careful planning before it starts – you can’t just ‘wing’ it
  • Timing is everything – you need to maintain contact, you can’t afford to tail off because you aren’t prepared
  • All the messages need to be written before the campaign starts
  • Committing to a campaign will reduce the chance of making risky spur of the moment decisions, such as taking up ‘last minute’ advertising deals

You can have campaigns that are run using just one format, such as email, or direct mail (letter). If this is the case, a series of messages are used, each building on the previous one, to cement an idea to potential customers – that a service or product is worth trying.

However, even successful single format campaigns still use different approaches.

In a business to business environment this might include testimonials, case studies, images and website links – which might even use other formats such as video.

Naturally, all these campaigns will use a call to action that is appropriate to the product or service being promoted. For a small ticket (low price) item, a purchase is a reasonable expectation. For higher priced examples, requests for further information or arranging a meeting may be more relevant. Understanding this is an essential part of the equation, as it can be the difference between a campaign succeeding or not.

So, now we challenge you to review marketing in your own business. Is it time to put a campaign in place?

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