What is a white paper?

You may have heard the term white paper before and wondered exactly what it was.

Well, wonder no more…

The chances are, you will have heard white papers mentioned on news items connected with Government policy, but that shouldn’t be confused with the white paper in the business/marketing world.

White papers tend to be long documents with substantial detail about a specific subject, designed to showcase a company, or an individual’s, expertise.

Traditionally, these were literally on white paper, had little in the way of images, and were a wall of rather daunting text.

However, they have now become a powerful marketing tool, and, as such, have enjoyed something of a “facelift”. You are now likely to see branding, diagrams and images.

And, for many businesses, the same passion is put into creating high quality and enjoyable content within a white paper, as the more accessible day to day copy.

Offering a white paper on a topic potential customers are interested in, can be a great incentive for them to part with their email address. This is a great way for you to start a journey showcasing your expertise and getting to know these people better, with a view to them becoming a customer.

White papers are more common in the business to business world, but can work equally well in the business to consumer arena, providing you choose your topic well.

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