What is pay per click?

Pay per Click is very often abbreviated to PPC, so look out for this term too.

That’s all very well, but what actually is it?

It is all the sponsored results you see at the top of the search engines, when you search for something. In the pictured example, the pictures and text on the right are also sponsored, using Google Shopping. We’ll talk about Google Shopping another day.

The way pay per click works is relatively simple – a company pays the search engine (we are going to default to calling this Google from now on, since they are still the leading search engine) to appear in a person’s search results.

However, the company does not actually pay unless the reader clicks on their listing. The higher up they are in the listing, the higher the rate they will have agreed to pay.

So, in theory, if nobody clicks on your link, you are getting advertising on Google for nothing.

But, naturally, you know it’s not that simple…

For starters, Google will soon be downgrading you if your ad isn’t working.

Even more importantly, this area of marketing can be fraught with complications, with many people having been significantly burnt and big money going down the tubes.

Don’t get us wrong. This can be very effective, when handled well

But you really need an expert to do this properly – and, before you ask, yes, we can help!

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