What is social media?

Goodness that question feels like a minefield!

We know you’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

But let’s try to briefly demystify what social media is…

In essence, it is networking online via the internet rather than face to face.

You could argue it’s perfect for people who are natural introverts. Those of us who find networking in the real world damned hard work – never really knowing what to say, or who to talk to.

And in a lot of ways it is great if you are one of those people. But only if you are prepared to be yourself online.

The trick is to build a relationship. And yes, the word “trick” is right. Because it isn’t easy – it takes effort and more importantly it takes time.

And it’s no good trying to outsource it to somebody else either. Because they’re not you. And when you meet these people in the real world, or speak to them on the phone, how cheated are they going to feel if the conversation they thought they were having with you, was with someone else?

Yup – all that trust that was built up – has just been flushed away

We tend to think of social media as words – whether it is the 140 characters of Twitter, or the unlimited words of Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. But, it doesn’t have to just be words. You can share pictures, video and infographics too. In fact, you can share anything that can be found online.

Of course, social media is very common in our personal lives, but can be equally as good for business.

Just remember, that what you say on your personal social media accounts will be tracked back to your business too. So beware of posting when you are under the influence, or not in the best mood. Never, ever say anything online you wouldn’t be happy to share with your best customers.

Next time, we’ll look at some social media tips for your business.

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