Who is your best customer?

We’ve talked before about working out who is your customer, and the importance of customer profiling.

We feel very strongly about this, so it is something we will come back to.

However, today, we want to ask you: Who is your best customer?

How are you going to judge who is your best customer?

  • The one who spends the most money with you
  • The most profitable for your business
  • The one you like working with the most
  • The one who enables you do your best work
  • The one giving you the most referrals

It is possible that more than one of these descriptions applies to some of your customers.

How you decide who is your best customer is up to you. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming it is necessarily the one who spends the most money with you – you may not be making much profit, or that customer may take up a large percentage of your time.

Why are we asking this question?

Because, to grow, you should be looking to “clone” your best customer. You need to understand just what makes that customer so special, before you can start looking around for more of the same.

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