Why you need to have a clear out

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and wondering where all your time has gone, it’s time for a rethink. Especially, if you want to move your business forward…

Over the next few posts we are going to pose a succession of questions for you to ponder, to help you plan for a much better and more successful future for your business, and, ultimately, for you too.

But before we do that we want you to have a clear out


Because clearing the debris will help you to have a clear mind, and be ready to accept a new approach for your business.

So, what should you be clearing out?

  • Firstly, your desk – and this is a biggie. Go through your whole desk and be ruthless. Throw away anything that is too old or expired. You know what we mean – all those offers you were going to take up and never got round to, all those “interesting things” you were going to investigate and never did. Yup – all of that needs to go.
  • Filing – everyone hates it. Yes, it’s a drudge, but honestly, you will feel much better when you can just go to your files and find what you are looking for, rather than turning over huge mountains of paperwork.
  • Finances – if you haven’t already got a system for filing invoices, and keeping your expenses receipts, this is the time to set it up. If you already have one, good for you – just make sure it’s up to date and everything is put away.
  • Email. Goodness, what a minefield email is! You need to be really honest with yourself here. If you haven’t read it after 6 months, are you really going to read it? Then delete it, for goodness sake!
  • Follow ups. Making sales calls doesn’t sit happily on many business owners’ shoulders, but it is a necessary evil. Go through any outstanding proposals and follow up to see if the prospective customer has made a decision, and if they are happy with that decision. Either make follow up calls or accept you are not going to win the business and dispose of the information.

Getting all of this done will lift an enormous weight off your shoulders. What better way to start a fresh approach for your business than with a clear desk, an organised office and an organised and clear mind?

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