Why you need to look at your marketing toolkit

by | Jan 16, 2013 | Marketing

How many marketing tools do you use in your business?

Many businesses stick to just one or two ways of marketing their business. But it makes sense to have a range of tools available to you.


Suppose Facebook or Twitter folds tomorrow? If you only rely on social media channels all those potential customers and their data, that you have been building up, could just disappear.

Remember you don’t own that data, Facebook does. So far better to build up your own database that you can communicate with too.

Postage is already increasing in price considerably. What happens if it goes up more? Maybe you can’t afford to do direct mail campaigns any longer – then what will you do?

And what about technology?

That moves on, and you need to move with it. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on tried and tested tools, but it is worth exploring new ones.

But the biggest reason of all is your customers.

How are they communicating with you? What could you do to attract their attention?

Of course your business moves on too – so equally it’s important that those marketing tools are keeping pace with your business.

Not all marketing tools are right for all businesses, but you need to build a marketing toolkit that is right for your business. Tools you have honed, know how to use to best effect and that work.

Is it time to review your marketing tool kit?

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