Why you should have a good photograph

A few years ago it was acceptable to hide behind your brand and make yourself invisible. But now, I think probably due to social networking, people want to see the people behind a company. And that is more true of small business owners than any other.

Part of showing who you really are is a well written profile but just as important is a great photo. So what makes an ideal photo for your business?

  • Up to date – don’t make the mistake of using a photo of you from years ago – people won’t recognise you when they meet you.
  • Honest – don’t start being too creative with Photoshop and trying to turn yourself into something you’re not. People will feel cheated, and wondering what else you might not be truthful about.
  • Looking at the camera – people like to see your eyes
  • Smile – my dance teacher always used to say show your teeth because it opens up your face, but at the very least smile.
  • Business like – this doesn’t mean you have to be in an office but avoid using a photo of you on holiday holding a glass of wine and wearing your swim wear!

What else would you add to the list?

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