You are a customer

When you run a business you are very often busy all the time. Or, at least, that’s the way it seems.

When time is at a premium we all usually focus on getting the paid work done – delivering for our customers. The back room stuff like accounts, marketing, looking after the staff and so on, tend to take a back seat.

But the trouble is that the back room stuff is equally as important – without the accounts you won’t know how the business is doing, and what financial decisions you can take. Without looking after your people you could discover they get fed up and walk away – leaving you with even more to do.

And without the marketing, there wouldn’t be any customers!

We always tell our clients that you need to market your hardest when you are the most busy. Crazy isn’t it? But when it slows down and there are no customers in the pipeline it is usually a bit too late. This kind of behaviour creates a business with too many peaks and troughs, and one that can easily get into trouble.

So, what’s the answer?

Well, of course, you can outsource some of the back room activities – particularly the things you don’t like doing.

But you still need to plan for the future of your business, and oversee those functions. So the best solution is to treat your business as another customer.

Plan time in your diary to work on your business, as opposed to in it. You might not earn money directly from your activities, like you do your customers, but you will indirectly. The effort you put in to making your business better will pay dividends. Provided you do the right activities ?

Now we’re off to take our own medicine…

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