About Us

Let's get the elephant in the room sorted first...

We are not an agency or an outsourced marketing director. We aren’t looking for all roads to point to us taking on your ongoing marketing – that’s not our thing.

When we began in 2006, we delivered outsourced marketing services. But increasingly, we have been asked to independently review companies’ marketing functions and assess what could be improved. And so now, we focus solely on the reviews, and helping our clients to implement the recommendations we make.

We do short, sharp engagements to make sure your marketing is fit for purpose.

Of course you want to check us out before you think about working with us. We get that. We’d really rather talk about you, but since you ask…

We have more years than we’d like to admit to in marketing and sales. And, yes, you did read that correctly: Marketing and Sales! Who would have thought it? 

Despite that old adage about the sales and marketing functions not talking to each other, we play nicely in the sandpit!

Most of the time you will see a combination of Nicky and Alex doing the in depth reviews – interviewing the board and the various stakeholders. 

We also have an extended team we call on for their expertise, dependent on the needs of your business.

Meet the Team

Nicky Parker

I’ve been in marketing related roles for almost 30 years now – yes, pre website days, when digital was not the answer to everything!

I have been a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of the CIM for a number of years.

I have had the pleasure of working in many sectors and whilst each business is unique, I have learned that many of the challenges are very similar.

My passion is customer focus – where I believe all marketing should begin. So, we’ll always start there. 

But I’m also a huge fan of pragmatic, practical implementation. Let’s do the right marketing – not the latest fad.

And when I’m not working? I’m Vice Chair of the CIM South East Region. I have also been a school governor for over 20 years and am sent to troubleshoot and fix challenges. I have done ballroom dancing competitively for a number of years and I’m also a keen cook/baker.

Nicky Parker
Alex Barr

Alex Barr

I’ve been in commercial and sales related roles pretty much all of my working life, bringing a broader view of the systems that generate revenue and profit within a business. I’ve always loved dispelling the myth that business development is a gift rather than a professional skillset.

During my career I’ve enjoyed learning the best bits from a mix of corporates, start-ups, and turnaround scenarios.  

For the last ten years I have helped clients get better sales leadership, pricing strategy, product launch, account management, customer insight and retention and sales capability.

Outside of work I spend a lot of time elbow deep under the bonnet of old cars – much to my wife’s delight! I also like to hang out with my son and make the most of it before he decides Dad is no longer cool!

Our Associates

Nathan Lomax

Nathan Lomax

E-commerce Consultant

Nathan is co-founder and director of Quickfire Digital and he is leading innovation in the area of Shopify and e-commerce. Both on the business front and within the community, Nathan is relentless in his drive to succeed and, while doing so, help others. Nathan is simply a superstar. He is the driving force behind Quickfire Digital’s growth and their collaboration with larger and larger e-commerce brands across the world. 

Lynne Bracher

Creative Consultant

Lynne is a freelance brand specialist with over 20 years experience working with business owners and marketing agencies.
Lynne helps businesses to build successful brands through intelligent print and digital design solutions. Lynne has the ability to take on any challenging brief and ensure the final outcome is a refreshing, inspiring piece of communication that exceeds client expectations.

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