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I would highly recommend Bang to any business owner that needs someone who really “gets it”

For us, marketing is all about having a relationship with the customer – that’s you and your customers. By getting to know you and your customers we can make sure we deliver the right marketing solutions for your business.

So, yes, we are a full service marketing agency and we can deliver every aspect of your marketing. From the strategy and the plan to design, websites, copywriting and exhibitions and everything in between. But crucially, we will manage that process too.

On the face of it we might seem like other marketing agencies. However, our entire philosophy is built on looking at what we deliver for your customers. The focus needs to be on your customers, not you.

Through in depth surveys, case studies and stories, we build communication around your customers. To deepen that relationship, and deliver the very best.

We’re honest, passionate and caring…

We are straight talking, and we don’t beat about the bush! We know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but our clients tell us how much they appreciate that honesty and pragmatism.

We are truly invested in each and every client. We love working with them. And we really love opening their eyes to the way their customers think about them.

We are really passionate about our clients’ businesses and we think that shows in our work.



We can introduce you to customer led marketing,
you’ll be delighted with the results…