Are you meeting customer expectations?

customer expectations

Are you meeting customer expectations?

Are you confident you’re meeting your customer expectations?

You know that feeling when you go somewhere and the experience was not what you expected?

Even worse, when you are a regular customer, and you leave feeling disappointed.

Your business helps your customers and prospects to set expectations. Every company does that.

How do you do that?

Well, actually, it is everything about your business…

  • Your business premises
  • The products or services you sell
  • Your staff
  • Your website
  • And most importantly, your messaging

And, naturally, all of this is augmented with customer service, or put another way how you deliver everything to the customer – the customer experience.

If we look at companies that sell based on bargain prices – our expectations are relatively low. We don’t expect luxuries, we’re not surprised if we don’t get great service, if we have to wait in a long queue to pay – you get the picture.

But equally, if you are paying a premium price for something, you expect the whole experience to be premium. The highest quality service, with nothing being too much trouble.

And what happens when you deliver?

Ah, well, that’s when the real work starts…

Because you need to keep delivering. And that’s when it becomes more challenging. You’ve set your customer’s expectations and they, rightly, expect you to continue to deliver the same quality of service, the same calibre of products, the same delivery.

And when you don’t?

That’s when your customers start to look at what else is wrong. They seek validity to change supplier – to move their business elsewhere.

Next time, we’ll look at how you can work on those expectations…

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