Marketing and Customer Experience

marketing and customer experience

Marketing and Customer Experience

If you are a keen reader of this blog you may have picked up that we have introduced a new category: Customer experience.

And why is that, I hear you cry!

We believe there is a very strong relationship between marketing and customer experience. They need to dovetail with each other.

Marketing is very often about getting the customer in the door, but the experience the customer has once inside, is what makes money change hands.

And keeps them coming back…

We all know that when we really rate a business – we’ve had fabulous service, they’ve gone the extra mile, the products are great (you get the picture!) – we become fans of that company. We recommend them, we promote them – we become their advocates. And that is absolutely the best form of marketing ever. Worth far more than any multi million pound marketing budget, is the customer who is prepared to tell everyone that your business is great.

Of course, marketing is all about building a relationship with the customer

That is – a long term relationship, not just a one off sale.

The trouble is, no matter how good your marketing is, if you don’t get the customer delivery right, you will have wasted your investment. If you say you do something or offer something, you need to make sure it is really happening. You have built up your customers’ expectations, so don’t let them down!

But delight your customer, and deliver a fantastic service and your marketing and customer experience will fit together like hand and glove.

We will be focusing far more on this in the future, so keep checking back for our latest shares.

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