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When the very lovely Alice Macnair of Bookworx, and also our totally fab finance person, turned to us for assistance with her marketing, we were delighted to help.

Alice decided it was time to embrace a new website, and maybe even a refresh of her brand. With that in mind, she was quite surprised when we insisted on going back to the beginning…

We started by asking about her business – what each month looked like financially, whether there were cyclical trends, how many clients made up each month.

Then we drilled down some more – who were her best clients and why

And that’s always an interesting one…

Typically, clients tend to focus on the ones that bring in the biggest revenue, but that doesn’t always make them the best. It could be the ones you enjoy working with the most, or it could be a slightly lower invoice value, but more profitable – so do look again, when making that list for your own business.

Anyway, back to Bookworx…

We looked at her top 3 clients and Alice suddenly realised just how much they had in common. All male, similar age, very similar approach to business and attitude to work. When you do this for your business, you may be surprised at just how much you know about your customers.

When we had built up the profile, then we looked at her current website structure. We knew her clients were very busy people and so time poor.

If we wanted more of those very best clients, we had to think like them…

So navigation needed to be simple – not too much scrolling or having to hunt for what they wanted. The home page needed to drive them to Bookworx’s most popular services.

At this point, we identified Alice didn’t have many testimonials, so we suggested a way around that.

We offer a testimonial/case study service

We speak to our clients’ customers by phone and go through a pre-prepared set of questions. From the answers, we pull together a testimonial and email it to the customer for approval. Once it is approved, we send it to our client together with a report of the telephone call. And we always ask what could be done better, not just the good stuff!

Alice was blown away by the feedback we gave her from her clients. She told us she genuinely had no idea they felt that way. And, she was thrilled with the great testimonials we were able to create for her marketing.

Then we turned our attention to the Bookworx logo

Alice liked the design but felt it needed updating. So we asked our designer, Tim, to give it a bit of a refresh.

Alice was delighted with the options he gave her, and found it very easy to choose something that reflected the way she felt the business was going.

So, with a fresh logo on hand, it was time to return to the website…

Alice didn’t want a complex site, or big budget effects, so we opted to build her site in-house using SquareSpace.

We chose a very clean minimalist look and then brought in the colours, fonts and branding from her new logo.

Image sourcing was easy, thanks to the powerful customer profiles we had already built for Bookworx. We wrote the copy for Bookworx previous website, but decided to re-write some of it, as well as adding new content, to reflect the way the business has moved forward.

When we had completed the legals, we made sure all of the SEO was set up for each page.

Then it was time to share it with Alice…

No matter how many years you do this, there is still always a heart in mouth moment, when you share something you’ve created with the client.

But we didn’t need to worry…

She loved it! So, with a few minor tweaks, and some jiggery pokery at the back end, we went live! And, if you’re curious you can check it out here: Bookworx website.

And this is what Alice had to say:

I asked Bang Consulting to update my website which was extremely old-fashioned and did not reflect either my company as it is today or look like a twenty first century website!

Nicky suggested that we spend some time talking about my company.  We have know each other for years and Nicky knows that I am not very good at anything vaguely smacking of either marketing or PR so she understood my reluctance.

However, she “chivvied” me along and the meeting was a revelation.  She forced me to stand back from my client base and talk about them in a way that I would never have done on my own.  This led to some startling insights about the similarities between my larger clients and also where these clients had come from.

As a result of this, and her own expertise, Nicky designed me a bold, bright and very classy website that really does reflect who and what we are and I am over the moon about it.

She made the whole process very easy for someone who is time poor and I had complete faith in her, so I could just relax and let her get on with it.

Thank you Bang – one more thing ticked off the list!”

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