What has Customer Centricity got to do with Marketing?

customer centricity

You’re a marketing consultancy, why are you talking about customer centricity?

Super glad you asked this, as it is my favourite subject.

I passionately believe the customer should be at the heart of every business – that’s what customer centricity means, but it is also the very essence of marketing.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s definition of marketing way back in 1976 was this:

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”

That definition hasn’t changed in nearly 50 years. And, in my opinion, that’s because it is as relevant today as it was back then.

Sure the tools might have changed but servicing the customers hasn’t.

You can’t possibly anticipate and satisfy your customers if you don’t put them front and centre in the business. Champion them in the boardroom. Ask in every part of the business “Is this right for our customers?” “Is it what they want?”

Regardless of whether you are a product or a service based business delivering a seamless and pleasurable experience for the customer at every touchpoint – even while they are thinking of becoming a customer – is essential. It turns a lead into a customer, into a repeat customer and then into an advocate, even a loyal fan and someone who is happy to recommend you. And they won’t recommend you if they can’t be confident that you will deliver – because their reputation is on the line.

Look at everything in the business through the eyes of the customer. How do you really measure up?

How customer centric is your business?

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