Are you feeling blue?

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Colour, Marketing

No, we are not about to go all “woo, woo” on you and start exploring your deeper feelings. We’re actually talking about the colour blue

Right now, you’re probably thinking “Really? Why do I care about colour?”

You may feel that now, but, rest assured, if we placed concepts for a new brand in front of you, you would suddenly care massively.

In this last couple of weeks, we’ve had several conversations with clients about brand colours, and the impact their choices will make on the way they show up to their customers.

So, we’ve decided to start an occasional series of posts exploring colour in more detail.

And, since January is a month where people do feel a bit blue (sorry!), we thought we would start with blue.

Blue is everywhere…

It can feel a bit like that. But why is that?

Because blue is a colour associated with trust, loyalty and authority. And that’s why it’s a popular choice in the finance industry – Barclays, RBS, TSB, Halifax, Nationwide and PayPal all use blue very strongly in their branding.

Blue also represents calmness, security and reliability. We are not sure those are traits you would naturally marry with social media, but interestingly the three major social media channels – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all have blue logos.

We also see blue as quite a strong, secure and dependable colour. And is commonly attributed with clarity and communication.

In days gone by, blue was the colour of choice for boys, and is still a masculine favourite.

Many corporates have chosen blue – IBM, Samsung, HP, Dell, Ford, BMW, VW, Tesco, Boots… the list goes on. You get the picture.

We thought you might like to see some of the clients we have worked with over the years who have used blue…

Of course, there is blue and then there is blue!

From lightest baby blue – perfect as an accent colour, an icon, a background – so softer than many shades.

To deepest midnight blue – a shade on from navy, a really nice choice for suits, but ideal for type and softer than black, but also for logos – this is dark, authoritative and high end.

And everything in between – brighter, bolder etc.

So, we’ve done a whistle stop tour of what’s good about blue with hopefully some inspiration for you. But what about the downside?

Whilst blue does conjure up some very positive connotations such as blue skies and gorgeous blue oceans, it also can be a very cold and quite austere colour. You could be seen as too safe, a little on the boring side, maybe even staid? It’s also a colour associated with sadness and can appear quite depressing.

You don’t choose blue very often, if you want to stand out from the crowd.

And it’s not a good choice for anything food related in general. Although Innocent seem to be doing a good job with their latest drink!

Is blue the right choice for your business?
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