Are your systems stopping your customers?

customer systems

How often do you take a look at the journey a potential customer makes to do business with you?

If the answer is never, then I’d like to suggest you take a look – and quickly!

Let me give you an example…

I found a company online that provided branded coasters in what appeared to be exactly the colour and style I wanted for a client. It was after 5.30pm, so I used their “Click here for a quick quotation” link. “Fantastic” I thought – the quote will come first thing in the morning and I can get that ticked off the list.

Wrong! I did get an email before 9am the next day, but wanting to know my company name, address and phone number. When I replied I got another email asking me if I was to be invoiced or the client.

When I replied saying it didn’t matter, but it was urgent – I didn’t hear anything back.

Eventually at 1.30pm I called – only to be told he was busy, and there were people away today. When I asked why it couldn’t have been done first thing this morning, I was told I couldn’t be set up on “the system” until these details had been added.

And therein lies the problem…

They are making it far too difficult for someone to become a customer:

  • If they need that level of detail it should have been included in the website form on the link
  • Getting a quote shouldn’t be that difficult
  • They set expectations by saying “quick quotation”

What can you learn from this?

  • If there are any links or buttons on your website that suggest you can provide a quick price, or offer speedy delivery – is this really true? If not, don’t say you can offer it
  • How many questions do you really need to ask a potential customer before giving a price? Clearly, for a product sale, less detail is usually required, than for a service based business
  • How well trained are your team? Do they have the skills and ability to respond efficiently when someone calls and is clearly disappointed?
  • Are you guilty of over promising and under delivering? Far better to reverse that – then you are left with a delighted person far more likely to become a customer…

So, check out your customer journey, and make sure it is the best it can be.

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