Customer profiling – the second step

customer profiling
Today we want to expand on the customer profiling we talked about in our last post.

Really, the more information you can get about your customers the better – it will help you to build a deeper understanding of how they think and feel, and ultimately what they want from doing business with you.

What else might be helpful for you to know?

  • What car do they drive – are they cautious Volvo drivers, or speedy sports car fans?
  • Where do they shop – are they budget conscious bargain hunters, or high end Waitrose shoppers? Maybe shopping is an experience and they use artisan shops?
  • Do they read a newspaper – and if so which one? Online or hard copy?
  • Are they interested in current affairs? And how do they stay updated – via television, radio, newspaper or the internet?
  • Do they prefer text or email?
  • What, if any, social media sites do they use? And how do they use them – are they avid fans with alerts on, or do they drop in and out once or twice per week?
  • What do they do in their spare time? Or are they workaholics?

Are they B2B or B2C?

It is a good idea to build up this picture whether you work with business customers or consumers (the general public). We think you can see that by getting this level of understanding it will help drive how you deliver your message, as well as the content of the message.

The next stage is to understand your customer base and buying processes, but we will leave that for next time.

For us, this is less about a photo and a name, and more about understanding the psyche of your customer. The more you know about what they care about the more you can tune into them, help them and do business with them.

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