How to make marketing work

how to make marketing work

So, last time, we looked at why marketing doesn’t work.

Naturally you would expect us to tell you marketing does work. And, believe us, it does.

So, let’s explore how you can make it work…

Ideal Customer Profile

If you don’t know what a really good customer is for your business, how can you hope to find more? You need to know what they look like – not physically (although you can have a picture if you want to) – but what are their attributes?

Be totally clear about what your very best customers have in common.

You should know where they hang out, when they are in work mode, what they do outside of work.

Really, there is no such thing as too much information about your customers.

Marketing Plan and Budget

Your plan and budget should go hand in hand. It’s not cast in stone, because things change, but before you make any hasty decisions you should look at your plan…

When you get that phone call with the amazing offer for last minute space… Is advertising in your marketing plan? Do your customers even read that periodical, or online site?

A well thought out plan should be conceived based on achieving your business goals – not just throwing a load of mud at the wall to see what will stick.

It will keep you on track, and focused on the end goal – with less chance of being swayed with “good ideas”.

Your budget should be realistic – if you have no marketing budget you can’t expect to generate leads or grow your business. Scary, but you should be spending a minimum of 5% of your gross turnover – yes really!

Little and Often

There are a myriad of marketing tools and tactics that can be used to grow a business. But just because they are available doesn’t mean you should use them. Not every tool is right for every business…

It’s about working out what is right for your business – and partly that’s back to looking at your customers and their behaviour.

It is far better to do two or three marketing activities well and often, rather than keep trying lots of different things. There can be a temptation to give up on an activity before really giving it a chance – you should give most things three to six months at the very least to see a result.

And keep it up, even when you are super busy. In fact, when you are at full speed is when it’s most important – that helps to reduce the feast and famine, or rollercoaster effect of either being full on, or having nothing in the pipeline.

Keep measuring

Measure and tweak, rinse and repeat… that should be your motto. Why isn’t it working? What could you do differently? Is it worth adjusting?

It’s too easy to just keep doing something because you have always done it. But if you constantly measure, you’ll know if it is right for you and continues to be. That way, you can be confident your marketing budget is being spent wisely.

We will explore measuring your marketing in a little more depth, in a future blog post.

Of course, these are just headlines on things you should do to help your marketing be more successful.

Not sure if your marketing or sales is fit for purpose? No problem – let’s have a chat. Call us on 01256 83 11 10.

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