The connection between your marketing and a six pack

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Marketing

Do you wish you still had that six pack you had when you were in your early twenties?

These days, you know just how much hard work it would require to get your six pack back.

Hard work, determination, a carefully controlled diet, and plenty of hours at the gym.

It’s definitely possible, but it takes time and dedication.

Guess what?

Marketing is just the same!

If you want it to really work, you have to be committed to it. Like exercise, you can’t just do it sporadically and expect to get great results. Little and often is far more likely to be effective, rather than bursts of big activity.

Start with a clear and realistic goal – you’re not going to expect to get that six pack after a couple of ab crunches, and the same applies to business.

Be realistic about your marketing activities too.

Make a commitment to what you know can be achieved. You’re unlikely to be able to go to the gym for three or four hours per day, and neither are you likely to be able to give that much time to marketing.

Pick two or three tools to use and focus on them. You wouldn’t try and use very piece of equipment in the gym, so don’t do it with your marketing.

Decide what you are going to measure – visits to your website, engagement on social media, enquiries, sales conversions, or something else. But don’t try to measure everything at once. And don’t be fooled by measurements that mean nothing – muscle weighs heavier than fat, so getting on the scales is not necessarily the way to measure your gym success.

You know you would be much better off if you started with some guidance. A personal trainer can work out a programme of activity for you, and regularly review your progress, and adjust it to meet your goals.

So, think of us as your personal trainer. But better than that, unlike the personal trainer, we can do your marketing for you!

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