What is a testimonial?

You have probably read posts on this blog before mentioning testimonials. If you have wondered what they really are, then read on…

A testimonial is, in practice, a quote from a happy client about the work you have done for them.

That’s the basic principle, but, in truth, there are testimonials and testimonials.

Whilst you are undoubtedly are a lovely person, a testimonial saying “XXX is a lovely person, or really nice to deal with” doesn’t really cut the mustard.

What’s the point of a testimonial?

It is affirmation by somebody, who has experienced your business, that you do what you say you can do. They can be hugely powerful, and may even clinch the deal on a potential sale.

What makes a great testimonial?

One that talks about the impact you have had on their business. One that talks about what you have done to help the business, or improve the life of the business owner…

You get the picture.

That’s all very well, but how do you go about getting a good testimonial?

Firstly, we always suggest striking while the proverbial iron is hot – so straight after you have done a good piece of work, and they are really pleased with you.

You can certainly ask the client to give you a testimonial, and the chances are they will be happy to oblige. However, in practice, they are likely to be busy in their own business, so may not have time. Or indeed, they may write something, but it lacks the impact you really want it to have.

You can either determine a set of questions to ask them, and use the answers to frame a testimonial, which you should send to them for approval. Or, alternatively, you can ask a third party to carry out the survey for you. This is something we do for many of our clients, achieving some great results.

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