Why does branding matter?


Branding seems to be coming up a lot in our work with clients recently.

We have one client who has decided it is time to rename as well as rebrand her business – and we totally agree with her. She has grown the business substantially and it has evolved considerably since it started ten years ago. She now realises that the name and branding no longer reflect the values of her business, and it is time to take a leap forward.

It is an investment, but we are confident it is the right step for the business

Conversely, we met with a company this week, who sadly have not made that investment. They have admitted that their logo was copied from another business – it is a generic icon, but this news did not surprise us. Their website was made by a friend of a friend (this news always fills us with dread), and it just does not reflect a professional image.

This company is in the financial sector – a sector beleaguered by bad press of recent times, so image is vitally important. Instilling trust and confidence in prospective customers is essential if they are going to win new business.

The whole face of the business just didn’t feel joined up, as if it all belonged to the same company.

The company was keen to discuss the marketing paying for itself, but regrettably it isn’t that simple.

The fact remains that these days we all check out businesses on the web. And if that company has a poor web presence, we often take the decision not to go further. So no amount of newsletters, blog posts or any other form of marketing is going to help if the foundations are not in place first.

What does this mean for you?

Before you leap into paying for your next advert, or get persuaded to part with your money for any other marketing exercise, consider what your website and image are saying about your business.

Of course, it helps if you have a professional outsider to look at it too…

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