Why marketing is a slow burn

why marketing is a slow burn

Why marketing is a slow burn

With the way technology is moving, it is easy to get into the mindset of expecting everything to be instant.

But the truth is that many things in the business world don’t happen overnight, and marketing is one of them.

Many business owners still fall into the trap of thinking of marketing as advertising

And, as such, they expect it to be their lead generation tool – with every aspect of their marketing bringing not only leads but fully paid up customers. But sadly it isn’t as simple as that.

The best crafted advertisement in the world isn’t worth the paper it is written on, if the person answering the phone is rude – the potential sale has gone before it has begun.

Marketing is about building relationships with customers

The best marketing is about seeing that relationship as a long term one, constantly nurturing and developing. It is easy to forget existing customers in pursuit of new business, but that is a short sighted approach. Not only is it widely documented that selling to an existing customer is cheaper, it is also easier – after all they already know you.

Of course, that is much easier still if you have been nurturing that relationship. The customer won’t feel sold to, they will buy it without hesitation, if they trust you.

And of course, your existing customers make the very best referral experts

Building up a faithful following and a great business doesn’t happen quickly. It takes hard work, commitment and time.

Have faith in marketing your business, but don’t write it off if it doesn’t create leads for you straight away.

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