Being in tune with your customers


Being in tune with your customers

In the last two posts we’ve talked about the importance of profiling your customer so you can make your marketing more effective.

Today, I thought I would share a personal example of how this might work in reality.

For a variety of reasons, which we might explore another time, I decided to switch to a different supermarket. I chose Ocado.

Right from the start it was a different experience:

  • Easy visual aid of what was in the trolley – across the top so I didn’t have to keep scrolling
  • Suggestions of what I might like to try based on my purchases
  • Plenty of delivery time choices, including the opportunity to choose a greener option. No difference in price, but really focused on customers who obviously want to do their bit for the environment.
  • Delivery charges were less than Tesco too – dispelling the myth that they are more expensive
  • A built-in price checker so my choices were compared against Tesco and price matched
  • And my favourite – the email confirmation comes with a diary entry to download into my preferred calendar option to remind me when the shopping is due to arrive.

But it didn’t stop there…

An hour before my order was due, I had a text confirming delivery telling me what van was delivering my shopping, with registration number and driver’s name, plus letting me know there were no substitutions. When the driver arrived he knew we were new customers so explained how the process worked.

All the shopping was delivered in colour coded biodegradeable carriers so the customer could quickly identify what was for the freezer, the fridge etc. Whilst bags would be collected next week, we could use them in our own bin if we preferred. None of that frantically trying to unload plastic boxes whilst the driver waited.

I can see why Ocado have won awards for their service

Clearly this has been designed in this way because Ocado know their customers, their likes and dislikes, and what they want from their online shopping experience.

Just imagine if you could deliver similar levels of service for your customers…

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