Why it is important to find your tone of voice

tone of voice

You’ve probably wondered why we keep banging on about the importance of knowing your customers. You’re getting business in the door, so why does it matter who your customers are?

The secret to successfully growing your business in a sustained fashion is to seek out more customers like the very best ones you already have. Plus, of course, continuing to sell your products or services to your existing customers.

The most effective way to do that is to write your marketing copy in a way that will engage these people, so your message really resonates with them, and they want to reach out and buy, or take the next step.

So, how do you write your words to motivate your customers to take the next step?

We believe the answer is a blend of two things:

Your customers’ voice – reflecting on and using the words they use to describe your business, what you offer and how you help their business (this applies equally well to products or services, by the way)

You – how you speak, how you talk to your customers, how you describe what your business can do, and different aspects of the business

Writing in the way you speak, rather than the way you think you should write for business, will always invoke more feeling and emotion in your reader, particularly when you are clear just who your reader is. It also sets you apart from everybody else, and that is just as important.

You need to help your potential customer to work out what is different about your company and why they should work with you rather than your competitor down the road.

Want an example?

Let’s look at accountants. There are a plethora of accountants out there, and in the main they seem to offer the same services – they do your tax return, file your accounts, manage your payroll – you get the picture.

Having spoken to a few accountants over the years we think it is fair to say that many struggle when it comes to marketing, so quite often they buy into a service to help them.

There are a few organisations specialising in marketing for accountancy firms, helping them to get messages out about important issues like changes in taxation. The trouble is that because they are all quite similar, they all end up sounding the same, and usually it is pretty corporate. And furthermore, what they are saying isn’t resonating with business owners, because most people don’t understand the complex world of taxation.

In reality, the accountancy practice has failed to see their business through the eyes of their customer, and talk in a language they understand.

So enter the accountant who takes a different approach:

They realise business owners need to understand certain aspects of their accounts in order to make informed decisions. They promote themselves as business friendly and able to offer business advice. So they marry the two together using a much more chatty and friendly style that really resonates and makes the rather dry subject of accounts a little more palatable.

A good local example is The Wow Company. They use a relaxed and informal tone of voice that resonates with their target customer: small business owners from start up to £5m turnover. Their marketing all fits together like pieces of a jigsaw, blending (yes, you’ve guessed it!) their customers’ voice and their own.

And no, we don’t do their marketing or write their copy!

So, before you write your next piece of marketing copy, get out all your customer surveys (because, of course, you have already done those, haven’t you?) and ask yourself – is this the way I usually talk? Would I explain it like this if I was in front of a customer?

We will share some companies we believe have really found their voice on the blog to give you some more ideas.

Not sure if your marketing or sales is fit for purpose? No problem – let’s have a chat. Call us on 01256 83 11 10.

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